CUSA Soccer

Winter Training (U6 - U19)

Winter 2018/19 Training

Winter training for our competitive teams begins the week of November 13th, 2018

Click Here for the Winter 2018/19 training schedule.

Winter training will be conducted on both the turf at Magsig (Alumni Stadium/Legacy Field) and indoors at the Soccer Factory in Bellbrook

Magsig/Legacy Field is located at 192 West Franklin Street; Centerville, Ohio 45459

The Soccer Factory is located at 2133 Ferry Rd, Bellbrook, OH 45305

We have been working very hard on maximising our programming for all players across the club to provide them with as many opportunities to stay in contact with the ball as possible over the winter period.

Outdoor Training

The last day of Fall outdoor season will be th last Thursday of November unless YOUR COACH extends practices.

We have the turf field Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week from 5-9pm.

This schedule runs from November 13 to February 28th (inclusive)

This schedule will then change after February 28th, and we will communicate these changes nearer the time.

Although most teams will have one quarter of the large field to themselves, there will be teams that, due to numbers or other circumstances, will be pool training.

Weather Policy

Here is the policy which, as with any policy linked to the health and safety of young people, is subject to change if needs be;

There will be a low temperature cut off point of below 27 degrees at 5pm.

Below this temperature practice may be cancelled.

If the tempeature drops after 5pm, practice will not neccesarily be cancelled.

The decision will be taken around midday and will be based on the projected temperture at 5pm.

The club will, when appropriate, consider other weather conditions such as sleet, snow, high winds and rain as well as the real feel to, when appropriate, override the 'actual temperature cut off' for older teams.

There will be times when a team needs to practice for an important event, such as a college showcase, and may have his teams practice when the temperature is a touch lower than 27 degrees.

In these instances, players will not be negatively impacted in any way for not attending practice when the temperature is lower than 27 degrees.

There may also be times when the Age Group DOCs of the younger age groups feel it is appropriate to cancel training for the comfort of their younger players based on additional weather and these coaches will directly contact the teams.

The club simply wants the players training as much as possible to ensure their continued development over the Winter period and has to juggle and balance this with their on-field comfort.

This is not a science, so not everyone will be happy, but we feel this is the best track to continue on.

Weather Bug, is the app being used to determine temperatures.

We try to make the call as early as possible to allow parents and players to plan their evening.

If, in the intervening time period, there are minor changes in weather, then this does not necessarily mean that practice will be cancelled last minute.

If significant weather changes happen, then parents will be notified as soon as the decision has been made.

Parents will be made aware before coaches, so please refrain from contacting the coach for information on this matter.

So, to clarify if, at around midday, the projected temperature for 5pm on Weatherbug is below 27 degrees, practice may be cancelled.

All cancelations will be made through email to the parents which will be sent around midday.

If practice is not cancelled, then no email will be sent and players should expect to train.

Off Weeks

The club will be off (no training);

  • The week of Thanksgiving

o No training on Sunday November 18th.

o Training starts again Sunday November 25th

  • The week of Christmas

o Thursday December 20th will be the last day of training.

o First day of training will be January 7th Monday

Indoor Training

The youngest players in the club have been provided with a backup to training outdoors in case of extreme temperatures.

These young players also have access to Soccer Factory, 2133 Ferry Rd, Bellbrook, OH 45305,on Thursdays and Sundays.

The club will make decisions as to when this will be used and this information will be communicated to the teams concerned.

The indoor facility will be used for these weeks

Thursday November 15th & Sunday November 18th

Thanksgiving Week - off

Thursday November 29th & Sunday December 2nd

Thursday December 6th & Sunday December 9th

Thursday December 13th & Sunday December 16th

Thursday December 20th

Christmas Week - off

New Years Week - off

Sunday January 6th & Thursday January 10th

Sunday January 13th & Thursday January 17th

Sunday January 20th & Thursday January 24th

Sunday January 27th & Thursday January 31st

Sunday February 3rd & Thursday February 7th

Sunday February 10th & Thursday February 14th

Sunday February 17th & Thursday February 21st

Sunday February 24th & Thursday February 28th

This schedule will then change after February 28th, and we will communicate these changes nearer the time.