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Super-Y Summer League
CUSA Crew SC forming teams for the Super Y League

We are extremely pleased to annouce that CUSA Crew SC has been accepted into the Super Y-League for the 2018 season.

What is Super Y-League?:

Affiliated with US Soccer and partnered with US Club Soccer, the league is the Super Y-League is a USL run summer league designed for talented youth players destined for professional or international careers. Through Olympic Development (ODP) status programs and events such as the North American Finals and National ODP Camps, the nation's top players are selected for US National Team Programs. The league is made up of a series of regional leagues within the framework of a North American league containing the top clubs and players from the United States and Canada.

The regular season will consist of 10-12 matches depending on the playing division and age group. The total point leader within the division will culminate the season with the Super Y-League North American Finals, which will consist of a minimum four games.

Super Y game locations and schedule announced
Our Super Y games will be played on the following five weekends; We will play 2 or 3 games each play weekend (and we may not play all five weekends. One club from Columbus has just joined Super Y so we may have one game we play either here or in Columbus depending on how many teams they field for Super-Y.
Portage Soccer Complex/River Oaks - Portage/Kalamazoo Michigan
June 22-24
Portage Soccer Complex/River Oaks - Portage/Kalamazoo Michigan
July 6-8
Pacesetter Park - Toledo, OH
July 13-15
Total Sport Complex - detween Toledo and Detroit
July 20-22
Jr. Irish Airport Fields - South Bend, IN
July 27-29
Super Y Coaching Staff
Super Y teams will be coached by the highest licensed coaching staff that CUSA has, virtually all with A or B licenses. This includes coaches like Wichert De Wit, Grant Knight, and Dave Woeste. We are in the process of recruiting some additional highly licensed coaches from outside the club to coach some of the Super Y teams
Super Y Alternates (training only)
We have had some requests by parents and players who would like to be able to attend the Super Y training sessions in June and July but are concerned that due to family vacation commitments and other summer-time activities they will not be able to make many of the games and could miss a number of training sessions as well. We have decided to create a new category of Super-Y; called Super Y Alternates. These players will be able to participate in the 20 sessions of Super Y training and may or may not be asked to guest play on an occasional league game. Their player fees will be reduced to just $250 for the 8 week season. Registration for these alternate categories is open now and can be found at SUPER-Y League Tryout Registration If your player is not selected for a Super Y first team we may offer them one of these alternate positions which you may choose to accept (or not).
Super Y team offers
Initial Super Y team offers and Alternate offers will be sent out by Monday, February 12th. Accepting a Team offer will require a minimum deposit of $150. Three additional payments of $100 each will be due on the 25th day of March, April and May. Accepting an Alternate offer will require a minimum deposit of $100. Three additional payments of $50 each will be due on the 25th day of March, April and May. We have a couple age categories were we are still uncertain whether we will have deep enough player rosters to adequately field a high quality team for every game. In those cases we may send out an email indicating we are deferring a decision on that age group until we see how many players sign up for supplemental tryouts over the next two weeks. Super Y league team applications and initial league fees must be paid by that time so worst case if we do delay a decision we won't delay it beyond that point.

The Super Y-League North American Finals will be held in December at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL.

Super-Y Tryout Dates

Try-Outs : February 10,11 @
Alumni Stadium 192 W Franklin St, Centerville, OH 45459 (behind Magsig Middle School

What does the Super Y-League mean to player development at CUSA Crew SC?
This is all about what's called "professionalizing" player development in the United States and Canada when it comes to the top-level youth players. It is about allowing the cream to rise to the top, thereby simplifying the process of identifying elite level players. It is about playing top-level soccer 12 months a year, with the spotlight on young players during the Super Y-League season. The focus is less than one percent of all youth players in the U.S. and Canada. Because of the elite level of play and the summer schedule we expect to field teams with significant representation from other clubs in Southwest Ohio. This league is absolutely "not for everyone", but adding it, on top of our recent NPL league entry. provides an MLS Academy, or near MLS Academy experience for top area players (and for both the boys and the girls) without having to leave the Dayton area. Together with the NPL teams we have recently added it rounds out our offerings for the most elite players in the area and helps continue to position CUSA Crew SC as one of the leading youth player development clubs in the Midwest.

What makes the Super Y-League different from what national youth governing associations, such as US Youth Soccer, are already providing on the local or regional level?
The Super Y-League has teams that are much broader in geographical scope, and because of that, they play at a higher level. Even the current number of super leagues in the country is localized in terms of their members. The Super Y-League is organized on a divisional level, to include only the top teams within a limited geographical area.

Again, we would like to reiterate that the Super Y-League is designed specifically for the elite level player, a player that competes in a club that wants the extra five to ten percent that they can only get in the Super Y-League. Hence, the expanded roster sizes, no recruiting restrictions, and the club pass system.

The Super Y-League ODP Philosophy:
To identify players for U.S. National Team Programs, within their natural environment during competition on their club team during the Super Y-League season.

The Super Y-League ODP system began in 2003 to identify a pool of players in each age group of the league for identification to U.S. National Team Programs; and to utilize the clubs system in the United States to identify players.

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Super Y-League ODP system?
1. Selection of players within the natural environment on their club teams within league play, as opposed to an open try-out system. Many players do not participate in the open-tryout ODP system operated by state associations. Some players do not react or perform well in an open tryout process.
2. Exposure to U.S. National Staff and Team Coaches.
3. Exposure to professional and collegiate scouts.
4. No cost to be scouted. The scouting system is built into league play and contains no ODP fees, other than those selected to the ODP Select Camps in January and February.

U12-U18 Player Cost: $400-$500 (TBD)

Cost Includes the Following:

  • Registration/Player Passes
  • Training Fees 2-3 nights of training
  • Coaching Fees
  • Referee Fees
  • Game Fees
  • 10-12 Matches (U12-U18 teams) June-July
  • Possibly one or two summer tournaments

------DOES NOT include limited coach and player travel expenses or post-season play------

U10/U11 Boys and Girls 2007/2008 birth years

U12/U13 Boys and Girls 2005/2006 birth years

U14/U15 Boys and Girls 2003/2004 birth years

U16/U19 Boys and Girls 1999/2002 birth years

What about conflicts with High School training and ODP?

CUSA Crew SC is working in concert with Ohio South, ODP, and area high schools to eliminate conflicts wherever possible so players can participate in both ODP and High School training if they choose. CUSA Crew SC intends to utilize only coaches with USSF "B" licensce or greater for the SUper Y teams with the intention that all training they will receive will exceed that available in any other existing program. In addition the OSHAA 5 player rule does not apply during the Super Y season between June 1st and July 31st.

More detailed information on the Super Y league may be found here: 2017 Super Y League Overview