Club Mission / Vision

CUSA is steadfast in its pledge to provide all members of the organization with a positive experience in a safe, supportive environment. Through a combination of full-time professional staff, volunteers, and three Program Committees working in support of the Executive Board, CUSA is well positioned to deliver on its mission.

Growth for growth's sake is not of interest. Growth in response to demand rooted in opportunities for all children, regardless of age, gender, ability or home address, with guidance from a staff dedicated to the highest standard of conduct and first class facilities that provide a depth and breadth of offerings unmatched in the Dayton area, is what drives CUSA into the future.

The CUSA competitive programs are committed to player growth through developing technical proficiency, tactical awareness and problem solving skills, while giving proper attention to the physical and psychological aspects of the sport. The goal is to maximize potential through programming that appropriately challenges each player with direction from a coaching staff that adheres to the highest standards of conduct.